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Practice the "Nothing in life is free" idea. Anytime you give a treat or food at dinner time, they must earn it by sitting (sit), laying down (down), we've taught Bogie to shake (shake), etc. When you go out a door, make Fred sit and you go out the door first, then say (come, OK, etc.) and let him come out.

To be petted, say "come" and when he does have him "sit" beside you and then lavish him with praise, cuddling, and loving. When on the leash be sure he is at the heeling position by your left side and not leading the way. Things like tihis will make you the top dog in his eyes. I'm sure some of the more knowledgeable people on the forum will jump in and guide you to some great info on this.

Obedience classes are great and I would encourage you to find one. They really help teach you how to work with your dog, just bear in mind you have to practice at home.
Good luck!!
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