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Questions - Adopting 2nd Basset

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I adopted my first Basset Wally from a local Humane Society about 2 years ago. I posted some pictures here back then. He is loved very much. He seems to handle being alone all day during school time as my wife is a teacher and both kids go to school. Even so we wanted second Basset to keep him company and bring us more joy. We have been looking around for a while. Ideally we wanted to adopt a Basset that was not a puppy. After a few misses we heard, through my daughters piano teacher, of a 1-1/2 year old female that needs a new home . Luna is loved in this household but for various reasons they are not able to keep her and they want her to have a better home. The head of the hosuehold even mentioned he wanted to visit us to ensure Luna was going to a good home. No problem, we are Basset slaves here. Here are the questions. Wally is a male around 5 years old and is neutered. Luna is a female as I mentioned at 1-1/2 year old that has not been spayed. We would want to get Luna spayed. I think I would want her to get used to us before shocking her with both a new home and a surgery. I realize I need to consult my Vet but are they any concerns I should know about spaying here at 1-1/2 years? Any comments or suggestions about this? Thanks.
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No there shouldn't be any problems spaying at that age but of course do discuss it with your vet.

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When intact females come into rescue, they're spayed just about as soon as the papers are signed. They seem to do okay with the simultaneous spaying/move to rescue. :)
When we adopted Precious last year she was 3 years old and an ex breeding bitch.We got her on a Monday and she was spayed the next week on the Tuesday.
She had a check up at the vets beforehand and had no problems at all.
Some of mine have been rescued and spayed at 2 or 3 years old. I've never seen any difference from the ones I've had spayed younger.

It's great you're getting a second basset. I really believe they love having another one around - even with a family of 4-leggers who dote on them.

Have lots of fun and take lots of pics.
My Nellie was 3 when we adopted her from the shelter and she was spayed before coming to our house. Patty and Dolly were 6 months when they were spayed and I think Nellie actually did better after her surgery. good luck and I am sure you are all going to be very happy.
Thanks to all who responded. I will certainly schedule a visit with the Vet right away. Below is a picture of Luna that the current owners sent us. My wife and kids met here today and say she is very sweet and a good girl. The owners only warning to us is that she has a tendency to pee a little when people get home due to her excitement. There suggestion is to ignore her until she relaxes a little and it will not happen.

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She is beautiful and looks very well cared for!!

One of mine had excitement peeing. I don't know of any way to break them of the habit except time. A small price to pay for such a beauty.
Luna, pretty name for a pretty girl!

Going along with others here, Minnie was spayed at 4 years old, after who knows how many litters of pups. I picked her up from rescue the day she got her stitches out. No problems at all! :)
When we picked up Hub from the kind, but slightly crazy dog rescue lady, he was intact.

I had never had a male dog before, or any pet who had not been fixed.

I was very nervous about Hub marking my house out of his own nervouses and habit.

The Basset Rescue people (not affiliated with the kind, but slightly crazy dog lady), suggested transporting him from the dog lady's house directly to the vet.

I hated doing it, and lost a lot of sleep over it, but it worked well.

I picked him up the next morning, and his first step into our home was as a neutered male. He only tried to mark once, and that was it. As he was pretty groggy, he slept a lot initially, but it gave us a slow and easy way to welcome him into the family.

Good luck. We added a 2nd basset after 1 1/2 yrs. It was a great decision, and they're wonderful company for each other while we're at work and school.
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