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I see a lot of people use a harness on their basset, is there a health reason for this or is it purely just a preference?
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A traditional harness is a lot harder for the dog to escape so much better for tieing the dog out on. For puppies it does not put any strain on the neck so it is safer as well. and there is virtual nil chan ce of strangulation that can happen if a dog/puppy get cauht on a traditional collar, so qa collar is actual not designed for permanent use.

However a harness has some serious drawbacks. It put pressure on the front of the setnum when the dog reaches the end of this leash. A dogs natural reaction to restraint is to act against it. So in reality a harness cause the dog to pull harder. You will note that the harness used by sled dogs and weight pulling dog all have this feature. For a serious puller on leash walks it is not a good choice at all.

Personally I like the Sporn no-pull harness without the sherpa pads for teaching puppies to heal and/or loose leash walking. If you start this when the puppy is young they tend tu pull much less when older and for obedience the automatic sit when you stop moving happens naturally so there is less work to train this behavior. Keep in mind this is specifically a tool for leash training ad is not designed to be worn all the time. However the colar portion if so desired can remain on permenantly with the caveates of all collars that there is a small/remote chance of death caused by the collar if the dog gets hung up on it.

but the statistic was 1 in 4 had back issues).
FWIW that statistic is for dachshund which have by far the highest incidents if IVD peekenese are a distance second, the rate is much less in bassets The biggest health factor in reducing incidents of IVD is keeping the dog slim. What most people percieve as the ideal weight of a BAsset is one of an overweight dog often bordering on obese.
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May I ask please, which Sporn harness is everyone talking about/using?
Sporn halter without the sherpa pads is what I uses the simple control harness is sporns take on the "sens-ible" harnes it requires the use of a collar to be even somewhat secure that is the leash need to hook to the collar and harness. On the sensible harness because the clip in on the front there is no pulling/resistance against the sturnum so dog will pullless using it than a traditional harness but unlike the sporn there are no adverse consequences for pulling so there is much less incentive for the dog to pull on the traditional sporn. There are thoses that object to causing the dog pain and this harness will not cause pain when the dog pulls unlike the traditional sporn halter which will pinch under the dogs armpits which can not feel good. It worjk by cause pain to the dog when it pulls so it tends to pull less. If you have a moral problem causing pain than the sporn halter is not for you

I see no advantage to the mesh halter at all.
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