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I see a lot of people use a harness on their basset, is there a health reason for this or is it purely just a preference?
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Yes, the Sporn harness is a godsend. Molly was pulling a lot on walks and it was causing shoulder pain for me. To the point that some days I couldn't physically walk her (I have a bad shoulder). I investigated the Sporn and picked on up for her. Immediate difference. She's learned not to tear around and jerk the leash when she's in it and it's like I am walking a whole new dog. Winston will be getting one too. For now he's in a regular harness, as it's sufficient for his age.

I use harnesses simply because I feel more secure having them in it as opposed to a collar. Bassets have this way of slipping out of collars...must be all that extra skin. Of course I feel better when they are pulling with a harness as opposed to a collar. I worry about the neck and possible injury.

But definitely check out the Sporn harness. They aren't that expensive. I got mine at Petsmart.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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