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I see a lot of people use a harness on their basset, is there a health reason for this or is it purely just a preference?
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We've used the Sporn harness for our dogs for well over a year now. I can say for a fact it makes a HUGE difference in how hard they are able to pull. I've noticed that I'm able to control my three better with a Sporn which helps immensely if there is a squirrel present on our walks.
This is the type of sporn we have...this is even the vendor we bought it from. Very reasonably priced and much cheaper than the pet stores. Sporn Pull-Stop Harness Lrg Fits 16-24 In Black: Kitchen & Dining

Houndluvr77 - This does look somewhat like the sporn although I wonder about the effectiveness of the mesh part in the front. It looks like it would still press on the stern which will cause them to pull more. The sporn design is different. There is a full collar that has the straps the run under the legs and it works very well. The link to above is what we bought and it's a very reasonable price. You could buy two of those for one of the yippe puppy kind.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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