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question for breeders

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Can someone tell me at what age does a breeder take the puppies to the vet for their first vaccination, worming, and dew claw removal? I'm also curious at the reason behind removing the dew claw. Thanks!!

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Dew claws are removed because of the possibility of them getting ripped off in the field. They are cut off in the first few days. None of my field hounds have had them removed and I have never had a problem. Most vets want to see the pups at 4-6 weeks for worming and shots.
Dew claws are removed before/when the dog is 5 days old. before the complete development of the nervous system in new born dogs.
Dew Claw Removal and Tail Docking - Pain Felt by Puppies
While the reason given most often for dew claw removal is risk of injury, to a useless part of the body. In reality it is not the major reason for the removal it just makes a more defensable argument. The major reason dew claws are removed is asthetics. That goes for tail docking as well.

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I take the pups to the vet for first shots at around 7 weeks.

I start deworming them at around three weeks.

Although I don't remove the dewclaws on my dogs, as a groomer I've seen VERY loose dewclaws on other breeds that I've felt should be removed since that kind DO get caught on things and injured or ripped off (and are at risk of getting nicked by the clippers).

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