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Since Flash will be a year old 12/8, I think it's about time to switch to 'big boy' food. I tried this earlier in the week, and he experienced vomiting and diarrhea within hours. Remembering what my Dad, a physician and beagle afficianado always did, I didn't panic and poked some Pepto Bismol and Immodium down him, fed him chicken broth for 24 hours and resumed the Puppy Chow. 'Things' returned to normal, and the lil' guy never did act like he felt bad. I tried again Thursday with the same results (and same treatment) and, once again, all returned to normal in short order.

I can't feed him Puppy Chow forever, so what would you say about gradually introducing Dog Chow into his diet while reducing the amount of Puppy Chow he gets? Do bassets have sensitive digestive systems that don't tolerate changes in diet well?

Thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions.

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