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He is also bow legged and due to him going under anaesthetic last week they said he should have an x ray to look at his leg. The x ray showed that one of his growth plates has fused to the other making one bone grow and the other to stop growing, causing the bone which is growing to arch. They have recommended surgery to straighten the bone. This will avoid arthritis later in life as the joints are out of place.
I'm worries that its unnecessary surgery but one that has been recommended?!
He's probably a bit loose because of the anaesthetic - but if this continues, get back to them

Secondly, this premature closure of the growth plates. I have a basset here who I bought, from a good breeder (!) at 4 months, with the intention of showing him. He started limping (front), so I immediately went to Pano. My bone-specialist vet checked him over, and decided that as he was also not really moving well behind either, we really needed to do full x-ray, front to back. His hips and elbows - fine. Wobblers was ruled out (and I'd gone there too). What he did find was prem.closure of the growth plates, ulna, both sides. And already his front had started turning, much as it was 'even' :rolleyes: We talked about surgery (he was 7 - 8 months by then) but he warned me that it could take more than one surgery to get these bones properly sorted out. He wasn't in any severe pain even if obviously feeling something as he was lame (more than could be said for me as it was pretty obvious that any show career had gone out the window :( ) and the full x-ray plates had cost me a fortune. This growth plate closure thing isn't unknown in the breed by a long way ........ but I don't think was helped in his case by being fed a product with what I considered a very high protein level - too much, too fast.

The message is, he's now 3 years and although bowed, his front isn't causing him any problems (and he's no way as affected as the one at the beginning of this thread). I'm glad we left well alone (he's had enough other problems!!!)

If your hound isn't in trouble at the moment, I'd not be in too much of a hurry to go for surgery. Just my opinion.:huh:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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