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It's been my experience that Bassets are just kind of inherently has been said, keep the ears clean...I try to do 'em once a week and since too frequent bathing can cause dry skin and itching, I've found that Pet wipes or Puppy wipes do a good job of de-stinkifying when the visit to the groomer is a little too far in the future...Tess has allergies so it's good that they only clean off the fur and don't get too close to the skin...I find it is a good idea to make sure you clean the paws and especially around the mouth, lips and neck as drool gets trapped in the flews and also dries on the fur in that area and gets very sour if there was only something to do about the other smell she creates all too often...we sometimes call her Tessie the Gassy Bassy...her diet choices are limited due to the allergies and she is on simple one protein/one carb hypo-allergenic there's not much we can do about changing her diet...just be sure to wear crew necks so you can pull 'em up over your nose to keep from gagging :blink:

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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