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How strong is a normal basset hound odor?

With our boy Flash (approximately 4 - 5 months old) the odor is pretty strong. When he jumps up to say hello you can definately smell him. Which is why I was bathing him weekly.

Something else that occurred to me is Flash goes outside to play with our Husky. They "chew" on each other - not hard but playful - like wrestling. I wonder if that's what I'm smelling??? Since our Husky tends to "chew" around Flashes neck area. Don't get the wrong idea here "chew" is not the best word. Wrestling with their mouths is a better description. Lots of mock growling, but no crying or yelps like someone is being hurt.

If that's the issue I wonder if there's a odor spray or something I could use that would help with the odor. It's definately noticable. Any ideas, suggestions????

Thanks for all the great advice. I really appreciate it!
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