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Question about agility

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Dear All,
I know some folks here participate in agility with their hounds. Our trainer has suggested starting in agility with Lily. The basic class is just really a confidence building class. But I have some health concerns.
With hounds being so front end heavy, should I be concerned about the affects of agility on Lily's joints later in her life.
She is 1 year old now and in good condition, she gets an hour of exercise each day but that is flat work.
I realize the jumps are adjusted for the height of the dogs she won't be asked to jump something a GSD could jump.
But I wanted to seek the advice of those of you who have particpated in agility with their hounds and ask if I need to be concerned about her joints to the point of not participating with her.

Thanks in advance.
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The dfiscussion occured on the general site. IMHO 1 year is a bit early to be jumping a basset hound you want to be sure the growth plates are closed this can bwe done by x-ray or waiting until the dog is 18 months old. The other important consideration is weight to height ratio in pounds and inches/ A ratio over 4 and you do not want to jump the hound a ration under but close to four you should consider much reduced jump heights jump. Ratio close to or under three can jump heights close to regulation given no outstanding health or orthopediac conditions.

There are no enough bassets to make a scientific assessesment of risks and rewards of agility training for bassets. THe best is get all the information you can an make your own assessment of your own dog.

you may want to check out the

Agility Specific

Jump Heights - Safety & the risk of injury in agility

LOADS IN AGILITY Introduction to subject and authors

Anatomy and biomechanics

Jumping: Take off & Landing

Complicated landings


Weaving poles

The Basics of Jumping Problems


I THINK I CAN! Mental & Emotional Aspects of Jumping

JUST RIGHT JUMPING: Jumping Under Many Conditions

JUMPING FROM A TO Z by Chris Zink & Julie Daniels

Clean Run Special Jumping Issue
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Thank you both for your recommendations.
I don't think I will allow Lily to compete in agility and keep our compeition in the obedience ring. I am considering our clubs basic agility class that does not require jumping but more of a confidence building class and good practice for off lead work. It is the shoot, tunne, some weave poles and A frame. Our trainer is respectful of my concerns so I'm sure we won't be asked to do anything that I think harmful to Lily.
I just don't think she is built for this sort of thing.
She is not overweight but she is very heavy in the chest and I think her little legs would suffer.
Thanks for all the advice.
If you really want a happy Basset you should consider training her in tracking, or participating in the Basset Hound Club of America's Hunt Tests or the American Hunting Basset Association Hunts. I see you live in Virginia. There's all kinds of Basset activities in that area. Good luck! Belinda.
It is the shoot, tunne, some weave poles and A frame
IMHO weave poles are more dangerous than jumping. Not that I think jumping is dangerious. I don't know of any front leg injuries that occured or were exacerbated by agility.

I am training her for tracking. The local club doesn't seem to be that active and hase to trials a year, Dec and Feb. But we are working with tracking training on the nights we aren't working obedience.
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