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I have recently joined this forum, I joined because this site is a very valuable tool - If i ever had questions about Bassets health,

My partner has recently given 2 bassets a home (Millie & Bailey - Littermates) They are from a litter of 8.

She selected Millie at the age of 4 weeks, we spent an hour with the pups and found that she was the best looking with the best features. Then in the interim while waiting to collect her pup at 8 weeks she decided to take 2. (Bailey)

When we went to collect the pups it turns out that Millie was alot smaller than the other pups - I don’t want to say runt because it is a horrible term but she was definitely smaller than the other bitches.

Millie was 3.5KG(8 pound) and Bailey was 5KG.(11 pound) -This was on week 8 - they are 10 weeks now(getting weight tonight)

Both pups were taken to the vet and he said Millie was fine(although we noticed her coat is far from the quality of baileys). Bailey on the other hand has a slight heart murmur, the vet said it is nothing to worry about just yet because it could be that it's not 100% developed and he will look at it again shortly.

So basically(after a long post -apologies)
-I was wondering does anyone have any experience with Baileys problem.
-Does anyone know if Millie’s coat(currently a lot fluffy'r and not as long or black as Baileys) will develop to be similar to Baileys?

Thanks for any help.

And as requested here are some photos of them...


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Hi All,

Thank you all for all your help. Bailey is now fine, there is no sign of the heart murmur, the vet said it must have been a valve that just hadn't developed! So he is fine, I have 3 dogs myself (2 Tibetans and a Maltese) who all sleep indoors, and Michelle’s 2 dogs -Bailey and Millie- both sleep outdoors, they seem happier outdoors,

They will play in the house for most of the day(they are now toilet trained) and then about 7pm they settle down in the house and when people start to move around the house again - about 9 they get up and walk down to the kennel.. It's like it's their own house, their area.

Thank you for your help on the coat's question - I suppose it's like human hair, even though we are from the same mothers -most of the time brother+sisters have different hair...

So Millie is the runt - so she is smaller, but hey - she has all the brains!
Bailey is a big pudding! He's bright - but nowhere near as intelligent as his sis! - The vet loves Bailey - he had to get Medicine when he was in their and the vet said "this wont taste very nice but you need it!" --Bailey nearly ate the packaging as well!!!!

They are 10 weeks old now so the vet said they are ok to walk in public as of this weekend - not looking forward to lead training them!!

Oh, and more more Q, does anyone know why some bassets nails are black and others a pink/white colour?
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