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Ruby was literally the runt of a litter of 10 and she was by far the smallest. We got her at 11 weeks of age and while she's the most beautiful, she has had some health problems. That's not to say that the other ones haven't...I know that one of her sisters was reared in the same city as us when we first got her. The sister is a champion basset and has given birth to all sorts of other champions. From what I have learned from the breeder, (we keep in touch on occasion), the sister hasn't had pano or arthritis that Ruby has. BUT, Ruby's birth mother, who had to be put down recently at age 13, has had those cysts like Ruby has. BTW, Ruby looks like her grandmother, not her mother. But her birth father, who has sired all sorts of champions, she doesn't look like in coloring either but has his exact expressions.

Janice and little Ruby who's the champion of our household
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