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Put down the camera, and FEED US!

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This is how Dozer lets me know he is hungry. He flips over one food bowl and looks at me, then flips over the other one in case I didn't see (hear) the first bowl. It's his way to show me they are empty. They already had dinner, so they each got a treat.
Here's a link to a video of bowl flipping. Turn up your volume to hear what I have to listen to.
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They are even more impatient than Emma! :D
I would consider a different solution than steel bowls and tiles!
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I have to use steel bowls, the plastic ones were hard to clean with all the teeth marks in them.
There is nothing more depressing or sadder to a Basset then an empty food bowl. I suggest, this is a very subtle reminder to you that an empty supper dish makes for an unhappy Basset.
Not terribly subtle, is he? :lol: But then, what basset is?
i am a bad slave...i dont use bowls....i stuff kibble in frozen kongs or i scatter sadie's food. she loves the challenge and i dont have to worry about bowls... :lol:
Wanna read something funny? Ruby would never do that. Why? Not because she's a goody-two-shoes (4 feet), but because the noise of the bowls hitting the tiled floor would bother her royal highness' sensitive ears.

Noise? I'm sure the the neighbors know about noise. This is where I found the bowls today when I got home. They like to toss the empty bowls around their pen, which is covered in rock/gravel.
I need to get a picture of them sometime taking their bowls outside. They like to eat outside at times, and it's funny watching them carry full bowls of food out the dog door. Rarely do they spill anything.
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That was hillarious :lol:

I bought the metal bowl with rubber around it. It's anti slipped and anti-tipped.
George likes to eat in front of the TV and carries his dish over there, too. His is plastic, however. Wouldn't want His Lordship to chip his teeth on a metal bowl. :lol:
I couldn't stop laughing when I watched that!!! Mine does the exact same thing! I tried plastic bowls and he just chews them up,I have a heavy duty ceramic one that seems to be unbreakable for now....that was to funny to watch!!
That's just too funny, LMAO!! :lol:

What was even funnier, Dudley is laying next to me snoozing, when the bowls started clanging his head popped up like, "what's goin on, dad? Time for more dinner?"
I had to get him a treat! (We have very similar bowls, they make pretty much the same sound.) :lol:
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