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For those interested:

The above link will give you background on a case which is due for sentencing on April 2nd. If you read through the 2 articles, you can see some of the problems faced by enforcement officers under current Pennsylvania law.

"Elvin L. High, owner of Highgrade Kennels in West Hempfield Township, appeared before District Judge Robert A. Herman Jr. for a preliminary hearing on eight counts of animal cruelty related to the level of care provided to dogs at his business.

Assistant District Attorney Christine L. Wilson argued the case against High, who was convicted of animal cruelty in 2002.

Kennel license applications ask applicants if they have been convicted of animal cruelty.

However, state agriculture department spokesman Chris Ryder said the bureau has no ability to verify an applicant's claims via criminal background checks because the ag department is not a criminal-justice agency."

Mary Gottfried
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