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Puppy with extremly frequent urination

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I have an 11 week old pup, who is still learning to be house broke, we are doing the crate training, but what I have found is that she pees in her cage and lays in it, she also pees all over the house, now ok yea puppies do this but she pees every 10 mins, and she doesn't even have to be playing. She is constantly peeing, sometimes alot and sometimes just a little drop, she poops at least 5 times in a 4 hour span, and I am at the end of my rope I honestly don't know what to do, so you think this could be a UTI or some other type of infection? She always has access to water, I feel it is cruel to take it away from her but she only eats about 4 times a day 8am 12pm 5pm 11pm she eats at 11 because of my work schedule, she is a night dog since I work second shift. Can anyone help does anyone have any advice on what is going on here?
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We cannot diagnose something like a UTI on the internet. If you suspect your puppy has one, for goodness' sake, take her to the vet for a check up!

If there is no infection, keep in mind that you have a very young pup. She will urinate very frequently until she learns control, something that takes time and patience -- especially with a basset.
I wasn't expecting a diagnoses over the internet I know you can't do that, I was asking for some advice, that is all, before I go rushing her off to the vet for a UTI and its just normal puppy behavior, I am new to this and I would just like some advice. I figure that this would be a good place to go.
There's really no way of knowing if your puppy's urinary frequency is from a physical problem such as a UTI or is normal behavior for an 11 week old puppy unless you bring her to your veterinarian for a urinalysis and possibly other tests. Pups don't usually go in their crates so either she's crated for too long a period of time or else something physical is going on.

If she does have a UTI you'll never get anywhere with housetraining until that's cleared up. So I suggest to see your vet ASAP.

At 11 weeks you've got a long way to go until she's housetrained so I found that using the philosophy "if my puppy has an accident, it's my fault" prevented me from getting frustrated at the puppy as I could always think of something I didn't do right.

Good luck and keep us posted on what you find out at the vets.
Scout peed ALL the time and everywhere when she was that little. It took quite some time for her to be housebroken and it's tough to be patient.
However, here is a site with good info about canine UTI. Hope it helps!
Thank you so much for you guys help, yeah she is definatley never crated for more then 6 hours, sometimes even less, I know that she can't control it, and I think maybe her cage is too big, so I am off to the store tonight to get maybe a smaller crate.

So you have any suggestions on how to catch urine? That just seems as though it would be hard, I will call the vet tomorrow and see if maybe I can just drop off the specimen.

Thank you for the website on UTI''s, I knew when I got my lil miss that it was going to be hard to house break her, I read all kinds of books and did all kinds of research I was prepared, sometimes I feel as though I am paranoid and I don't want to over-react if this is just normal. Thank you again
six hours is much too long for a puppy to be crated. puppies potty all the time. in fact, it can seem as if pottying is their main activity (after eating and being cute).

she needs to go out to potty as frequently as possible --- i'm tempted to say at least once an hour, and definitely very shortly after eating and/or drinking.
The six hours is when she is sleeping, this is when I am sleeping I put her in her crate at about 3am, after she has went out then I wake up at 8:30 to take her out again you think this is too long? How long should she be sleeping? I hate to think I am confining her all night and I shouldn't be
possibly. if it were me, i'd make sure i took her out to pee and poop before bed, then wake up 5-6 a.m. to get her out again, then again when you wake up.

i think even four hours is pushing it with any puppy.

i think i'd also get her into the vet, if only to make sure. if the vet clears her of any uti's, etc., then you know you need to readjust the potty schedule.

when else is she peeing and pooping in the house or crate? is it only at night? or ... ? if it's a matter of not enough trips outside, you should be able to figure out a more appropriate schedule. i hesitate to give you one because it's been years for me. but be aware, potty training takes time and patience, and puppies do have accidents.
My Franny is 7 1/2 years old but I remember having the same problem and when I took him to the vet, Voila! he had a UTI and after a course of antibiotics he was back on schedule with housebreaking. At 3 months he was still going out every 2-3 hours and it really did take a while before he was houstrained. Bassets are notoriously slow to housetrain as most of us can attest. Good Luck!
I don't usually bring puppies home until they're even older than 11 weeks and at that age, they all need to go outside at least once, sometimes twice during the night. I put the crate near my bed, so I hear them when they start to fuss.

If you can get the puppy on a schedule, it's a great help. Take her outside to potty whenever she wakes up, after about 20 minutes of playing, 10-20 minutes after eating, and about every 20-30 minutes while awake and active.

Puppies spend a lot of time sleeping, so you don't have to spend all your waking hours taking the pup outside every 20 minutes. You can learn to work around your pup's natural sleeping-eating-waking/playing rhythms.

That said, I strongly agree with the earlier suggestions to have the pup evaluated to be sure there isn't an underlying medical issue. Good luck. :D
Ironically last night she did only have one accident in the house and slept for 6 1/2 hours with out peeing in her cage, she didn't even wake up once to want to go out, I think that maybe she is learning, which is weird since I just posted this, she is starting to learn that her crate is her home, she went in there last night twice once to take a nap around 8pm then at 1:30 am went in there for the night for sleep. Very Strange so I guess she is learning. I called the vet today but no one answered I guess they are only open on saturdays for appointments only, I am gonna call on monday and have them check her for a UTI, but I am feeling much better that it is just normal puppy stuff. So thank you guys for your advice, I will definatley ask if I have anymore question you have all been very helpful. :lol:
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