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My Rosco has been hovering around the 40-45 pound range for the past 7 months now (he turned 1 year at the end of March). His father was big, around 70 pounds, but we don't know anything about his mother. The guy my wife bought him from fed the entire litter once a day, so he might've been a little underfed. Layla (roughly 1 year 9 months) is a tad heavier, although she looks much bigger than Rosco side by side. She has been consistently between 45 and 50 pounds (we've only had her for a month and a half now). To be honest I was a little disappointed at first that neither of them were the full 60-70 pound bassets I had heard about - until I walked them on a tandem leash. I can barely control them when they both go in the same direction, there's no way I could handle 140 pounds of basset stubborness. Like others have said, they are healthy for their size and they certainly don't want for food or attention.
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