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hmmm, I just read through here since I am having problems how to feed my puppy. Blitz is almost 5 months old and weighs 34 pounds. I can only feel the ribs but can`t see them. I went after the feeding chart on the food bag and even feed less than that. I feed him 3 times about 1 cup a day since my vet recommended that better 3 small meals than one or two big meals......

He is active and runs around with my beagle. She won`t let him sleep too long, lol!

I wanted reduce the food when he turns 5 months on the 21.

I am afraid that he might get fat since they say its not good for bassets because of their back and joints, so how can I tell if he doesn`t have a healthy weight???
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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