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To Mikey_T....I don't think I am really overreacting. By "ribby" I mean, ALL ribs showing and hip bones protruding. She is skinnier than the dog in the top pic you provided. I have an appointment set up for July 1st for her 4th set of puppy shots and exam with MY vet. I am going to see what she says. I definitely don't want her obese but, I think she is seriously underweight!
4th set of puppy shots????? :eek: Crikey, that sounds rather a lot... Lucky Maggie has you to care for her! :)

If you want Maggie to eat her food, why don't you moisten it with some warm water or gravy to make it taste better, or do what I do and add a tablespoon of good quality tinned meat chopped into the dry food to give it some taste as it must be boring to eat the same stuff two or three times a day! I also give my Bassets chopped up carrots and cauliflower, cooked or raw and they love it!

Have you some pics of Maggie please? How does she compare with my two sisters, seen in the clip (aged 10 weeks) the week after we got them... looking nice and cuddly! They played a lot together outside, used up a lot of energy and always slept well and were (and still are) always either both up together or both sleeping together and at just over 2 years, they still play well together, still sleep at the same time and if one is up they are both up and about... totally inseparable! Scroll down and have a look at the pic below the video to compare the size of Maggie....

Here are Lucie and Lottie at exactly three months of age, the same age as Maggie... how does Maggie compare in size?

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