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Puppy training ?

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Frodo is having a hard time in obedience class… the trainer says he is just timid and bashful… but the little booger isn’t cooperating. We have mastered “sit” and “watch me” pretty consistently now… but I cannot get a down for the life of me! He’ll sit and dip his head down… but the rest of him won’t follow no matter how I maneuver the treat. He won’t take treats in class…. No matter what we try- spits on them… or worse rolls around on the treat like he is putting on perfume! The trainer laughs so hard saying she has never seen that and trying to video it… I’m afraid he is going to be the class clown! He will take the biljac PB and Nana treats at home sometimes but not in class. He has refused all offerings including a beef rawhide in school! He walks loose leash well so we are progressing… but I am stumped on finding a way to reward him enough for cooperation! Today for his homework I sliced up fresh baked ham into pieces… worked well for a “sit” but no go on “down”- Any ideas for treats or training? The pitbulls in his class get it on the first try… but not my boy! I’m going to have to get a bumper sticker that says my basset failed puppy obedience school:rolleyes:
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To get Maddie to do a "down" I get her in the "sit" and circle the treat around her body (she prefers to "spin" to the left) and she's eventually forced into a down trying to get the treat. She ends up in a curled position rather than just the stretched out "down" most dogs perform, but it worked well for us!

Keep up with it, Maddie is kind of a rare Basset - my trainer said - because she seems to LOVE to learn. Regardless, she has the same stubbornness that is found in most Bassets. Be persistent and it will pay off!
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