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Puppy School Brags!

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I've been taking Stonewall to puppy school and he is so amazing! We've successfully impressed our teacher! She always says, "Oh goodness! He's got so much pep in his step for a basset!" Today she told me that Stonewall is a Rock... as in when I put him in a stay I could do backflips and he wouldn't move. I'm very impressed and proud of my boy as well. It took us 2 weeks to learn down(more or less because he thought it was funny to make me bend over and put a treat under his nose :rolleyes: ) but only 2 hours to learn stay.

There is also this one lady there, she cracks me up! Stone always starts whining in anticipation of getting on the floor and learning new "games." This lady always says to me, "Why is he so sad all the time?" 4 weeks now I've explained to her he's not sad, he's excited. :lol:

Just thought I'd share!
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Oh you have me worried! Tomorrow morning is Baxter's first day of puppy school and he's had no training to date. We just allowed him to be a "puppy" for his first few months and have him bond with us. But now he'll have to listen to us and not too sure he'll do as well as Stonewalll :rolleyes: Actually, I know he won't sit and stay since he's only just learning to sit! He's such a silly, happy-go-lucky basset that we'll have to work on the "concentration" thing!
Way to go Stonewall!!!

It amazes me how many people are unaware that bassets really can learn anything they want to learn!
Great news! I hope we see you in classes- I'm hoping to get Cuddy signed up in the next couple of weeks- I so want to do agility with her as I think she has the right "bassetude" for it-
:) That's awesome, Stonewall! :)
What a good boy... :p

That is so great! We have really been working with Dobby and playing 'find the cookie' after we hide it under dirt or something where he really has to use his nose, this AM he found it and tracked it across the yard.
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