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Puppy pictures!

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Hi all,

I've finally gotten some good pictures of Jeffrey to post for you all. He's growing very fast and doing very well. He'll be 11 weeks old tomorrow. In the pictures, his left ear is shaved because of all of the IV's and transfusions he got while he was sick. I'm proud to say that he has recovered very well and is even starting to potty train! A lot of the time, he'll walk to the back door right before he has to go. We just have to catch him in time!

[attachment=280:IMG_3111_2.jpg] [attachment=281:IMG_3149_2.jpg] [attachment=282:IMG_3161_2.jpg] [attachment=283:IMG_3167_2.jpg]
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What a cutie! Glad he is doing much better.

He is adorable! Thye grow way too fast!
What a cute baby you've got. Can't wait to see him grow.

Janice and little Ruby
I'm so glad he pulled through. I was so worried. He's adorable we'll be expecting LOTS of photos! :D
It's so great that he pulled through. What a cutie.
What a precious little guy. I'm so glad that he is doing great now. Enjoy that puppy breath because they really grow up fast.
He has such a sweet expression! I'm so glad you hung in there with him and helped him to pull through- he looks like a great little dog!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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