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Puppy Food

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We recently brought home a 6 month old pup, Bella. She was on puppy food, so I bought a bag of Wellness (the staple around here) puppy food for her. Then it occurred to me--with big boned dogs, like bassets, isn't it best to switch to adult food at 6 months?
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Sharon, I used Purina Puppy Chow for large breed puppies, and I fed Fred this until she was 1 year old. The large breed puppy foods are supposed to give them the additional nutritional requirements they need. That's what my vet recommended, anyway.
we switched our Pup Django to grown-up food at 6 months and our vet said that it was fine.

Caper was fed Pro Plan large breed puppy food until she was somewhere between 10 months and a year old (whenever I ran out). She's been on adult food since then.
With mine it depends how fast they're growing. I start them on ProPlan regular puppy food, usually they stay on it till almost a year, but if they're growing fast and getting heavy I'll switch them to adult as early as six months. I also recommmend switching to adult food if the dog shows any signs of leg or joint problems, just as a precaution.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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