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Puppy Food??

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We received some information from our breeder about the puppy food she uses but would like a few more options. While looking at the ingredients that should and shouldn't be in the food I got VERY confused :) Also, I read that you should switch to an adult food at 5 months (read that on the Olde Fashion Bassets site in the puppy care). Is that right? :confused: I thought it was a year (shows how much I know..LOL)

Thank you!
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Just to forewarn you, dog food discussions on internet pet lists always generate more heat than light. :roll: The science-based evidence that should guide pet owners' decisions is derived chiefly from research conducted by major manufacturers of pet food. Pretty much everything else you will read (e.g., no grain, no corn, no soy) is personal opinion, unsubstantiated by evidence. (Testimonials and anecdotes should not be mistaken for evidence.)

That said, my preference is to use dry feed that has passed AAFCO feeding trial testing, lists a named animal protein source as its first ingredient and I try to avoid unsourced meat and bone meal. Bone meal analyses a number of years ago found lead and other contaminants--see PDRhealth: Bone Meal.

If you're feeding a regular puppy food, you might want to switch the pup to adult food at around six months or so to avoid "overnutrition". Another alternative is to feed food formulated for large breed puppies, and to follow the manufacturer's suggested schedule. Avoid supplements unless recommended or approved by your vet.

You might want to check out the following.

Fido Goes Granola (VetCentric)
Dietary Requirements in Dogs (
Interpreting Pet Food Labels (FDA)
AAFCO Definitions of Dog Food Ingredients
Growing Pains: Successfully Raising the Large Breed Puppy (Iams)

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