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Whats the best time to start working with him? He's about to turn 8 weeks.
Provide he has had his first bout of puppy shots he can be enrolled in a puppy kindergarten immeadiately. Absent that dog are alway learning even if you are not intentially training you are still training. so the sooner you start working with the pup to teach it the better off you will be.

I have plenty of time to do training on my own but is it worth taking him to a class?
With a puppy you want to look for a puppy kindergarten, the best include some training with socialization wich is critical for developing a solid temperament this can only occur in a class type setting. Also even the best trainer in the world benefit from feed back. Working with someone else either in a class room or private setting is a good way to accomplish that.

As far as training, does anyone know any good videos online that are basset specific?
Umm there is no basset specific dog training, they are still dogs and general what works with one breed will work at least to some exent with another. The only thing I point out is with bassets is they are not as biddable ( willing to please) as some of the so called easier to train breeds. So they will not work as easily simply for praise. You are likely going to need a reward that has more value to them like food.

Many people have problems working with food, Ie the dog becomes distracted, won't work with out it being present, This is not because food is bad but rather the owner/trainer has not used it properly.

On the distraction sid of the equation the follow game can go a long way in over coming the problem

on the othe end it is a matter of fading the lure. This is more art than science but the general rule of thumb is to lure a behavior three times then put the food away and lure with an empty hand. If the dog complies Jackpot, multiple reward and repeat with out using food as the lure. The hand movement becomes a physical cue for the desired behavior.

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