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Puppy faces 7 weeks

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Here are the cutest faces ever.


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They are so stinkin' adorable!!!! I love the face of the first one. The mostly black one. So cute!!!
I like the markings on #5 the white collar. They all look amazing, such cuties. :):):)
Oh man....dangerous pictures for me to look at! But still...thanks for sharing! Soo cute :)
All are so cute but we like # 7 best.
OH my gosh! how cute!!! My fave is #8!!
They're all adorable! Boy 1 has a face that looks quite a bit like my Ninja did as a puppy. I love the markings on Girl 1, with just that little bit of white on one side of the nose.
oh my goodness

i the three black heads. Interesting nose mark on the girl too. awww i so wish i could have one!
# 8 is a little girl but what a rip snorter. She doesn't let anyone pick on her without giving paybacks.
I forgot to say the first 5 are boys and the last 3 are girls.
Beautiful ! Beautiful! I love all of them but boy 2 would be my choice if I was to choose one. Bubbad, which one would you choose? Just interested to hear a viewpoint from someone who knows bassets.
Oh I have missed out on all the berthing and everything. I just don't get to this sight to often. Those are very cute puppies you have there. Is there anything cuter than a Basset hound puppy? I think not.
I am leaning towards #2 and #5.The #2 boy has attitude and carries himself well.Structure is very nice I hope the stud owner picks him. #5 is a very pretty dark boy but he doesn't have the attitude,more laid back,which is not bad,just a little more training for the show ring.Personally ,I'm keeping a girl and even though I like the little black bitch she may be lacking a little more bone than the other two. There is a breeder/judge in Missouri getting a bitch and I'm thinking I'll let him have 1st pick girl because I know he will show her and I'll just take 2 nd pick ,which will leave one girl left to place. Right now the males are almost all taken.One goes to the stud owner,one to the person that co - ownes Esa with me , another to a family in Maryland ,and then one to a lady in NY. I guess that leaves one male to place. I'm thrilled with the homes they are going to,and the others will stay with me till I place them in the right homes however long it takes. I'm having so much fun with them,I'm in no hurry for them to go anywhere. It is alot of work,but they are such blessings that I don't care.I saw a couple sites today that kick their pups out at 6 weeks old,I can't even imagine those poor puppies trying to adjust at that age. these guys are 7 weeks and they are not leaving till at least 9 - 12 weeks of age.
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Thanks , 5 would have been my 2nd choice. I find it amazing that you speak of their different personalities already. Horrendous when you see how irresponsible breeders treat the puppies.

I can't imagine the ammount of work entailed in breeding these guys. I know just ensuring that the mom doesn't lie on the pups and smother them is a twentyfour hour job.

Well done Bubbad it looks like all your hard work has paid off.
Ohhhhh, the cuteness. Can hardly stand it!
There were times Esa laid on one and I would be struggling to get the puppy out, the way my back was and Esa is 65 lbs the puppy would have suffocated in no time. I had to do that several times even though Esa was trying to be very careful,she would press her back against the side of the pool and slid down usually pushing them out from under her, but sometimes they didn't slide out.
These guys are just too cute! I can’t decide if girl 1 or girl 3 is my favorite. Decisions – decisions. :D

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