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puppy conformation

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I'm back again with more questions. I am in the midst of researching local/semi local breeders to see if there is someone I could learn from and also doing some reading. But, one questions I haven't figured out an answer for yet. Is if you are breeding how can you tell the conformation of a puppy when they are so young. I mean how can you tell if you have a "keeper" to build with as far as improved conformation and things like that. Also, it is quite hard to tell the personality at such a young age as well. Do you folks with experience have any thoughts on this?
Thanks again for your patience with me.
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The best system is to get a lucky coin and keep it for just such decisions. You can only tell the less likely to develop into show quality. Judging puppies in a conformation show is very difficult. do you judge what they are now, or what they may become.
i have been told by some pretty good show breeders that what you get when you see the puppy at 8 weeks old( stacked ) is what they should like like when they are 2 years old.i don't know if that is true or not,but i'm not doubting them that's the way they pick out there pups that they will use for showing and they have placed quite a few.As for me all i see is the dogs hind end because mine are to busy hunting and chasing rabbits for me to get a good look at them!!!!!!
Evaluating young puppies is difficult for one who has not astablished an "eye" for conformation.Basset pups are notorious for always changing.This means you may need to keep a puppy longer to see how it will grow. One dog I had seemed to have a good bite then a week later he was overshot,a short time later his bite was good and it stayed that way. A puppy given to me was great at 8 weeks and stayed that way and again a puppy I bought was great at 8 weeks but his topline went bad as he grew which was due to the shoulders being too far forward.(I knew his shoulders were forward but the breeder disagreed with me) I have been able to look at puppies that can't walk yet and see a keeper. You need to have an "eye" like I said.
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