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Puppy acne???

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I posted this in the health section as well, but thought I might get more response here...

I'm hoping someone else has seen this. Nicky has small red bumps under his chin that the vet called puppy acne. She asked if he was eating out of a plastic bowl (he was becuase he wouldn't eat out of metal at first) and I've since changed that. But, the bumps don't seem to be going away and it looks like he has another one on the outside of his muzzle. Does this sound familiar to anyone? He's eating Nutra Natural choice herring meal, rice and potato.

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Never heard of it or seen. Can you post a close up picture?? That might be helpful. Hope it clears up soon. Did the Vet give you any topical medication for it??
My mastiff had this very badly-looks terrible doesn't it? We did the change to a metal bowl and it didn't help. I finally figured on wiping his chin well after he ate, and once in a while giving him a diluted peroxide wash on the area. It's only cleared completely with age- he's 2 now. Good luck, and try not to worry-Nicky will look great after a little growing up ;)
Puppy tips and Tricks
Treating Puppy Acne
To help clear up Puppy Acne (chin pimples) the following tips will help... Serve food and water from Steel or Glass (porcelain) dishes only. Clean after EACH use. Never re-offer moist food which has been left out in room temp. Make a fresh batch when feeding.
DRY the face thoroughly after each drink and meal.
After washing and drying the chin/face, use gold bond powder on the chin and sides of nose.
Apply Oxy-5 if it is available or needed, 2 times a day.
Add some apple cider vinegar to the drinking water (a teaspoon or so) as it is astringent.
These should clear up most staph related puppy acne.

Seeing puppy acne is a staph infection generally using an astrigent antimicrobial agent on the are should help. House hould items that meet the criteriial are Vinegar, mouthwash, rubbing alcohol. Benzoil peroxide a comon ingredient iin human acne preperations but must cut at least in half to no more than 5% for use on dogs,

Since this condition is found in short coated dogs, it is usually not necessary to shave the area.

Topical cleansers are usually enough to control the problem, although some cases require antibiotics and short term anti-inflammatory steroid therapy as well.

Superficial bacterial folliculitis...
Clinical management
needs 3-4 weeks course of antibiotic. Appropriate
antibiotics to choose when treating first occurrence
pyoderma could be: clindamycin (5,5 mg/kg q 12 h.),
erythromycin (15 mg/kg q 8h.), tylosin (20 mg/kg q 12h),
lincomycin (22 mg/kg q 12h), Oxacillin (20 mg/kg q 8h),
cephalexin (20 mg/kg q12h or 30 mg/kg q 24h),
amoxicillin-clavulanate potassium (15 mg/kg q 12h),
trimethropin-sulfadiazine (15-30 mg/kg q12h). Administer
the optimal doses is mandatory. If it is not available, to
overdose is better than underdose[/url]
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Thanks so much for the info. I'll give it a try. I love this part...

DRY the face thoroughly after each drink and meal.

Duh, he's a basset puppy. He's nearly always sloppy wet. I will try the peroxide wash.
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