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My Wiggie is 8 months old and has slowed down on eating. He doesn't rush and gulp his food down anymore.
When I started giving him proplan dry, he loved it. (morning afternoon or night) He still will eat proplan can normally. This has been for the last few days. His behavior seems to be fine and normal. I've been reading about canned pumpkin so I tried it with Wiggie. He was not interested at all. Could he just be maturing.?
mary f
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Is he eating his normal amount just slower? I think you have an Akita,right? Sometimes dogs gulp their food down in the presence of each other. Has something about that changed? I would tend to think as long as he is eating an amount that will keep his weight the same he's ok since you say nothing else about him changed. But I dont know for sure,maybe use the search to look in th archives for info on puppy eating habbits.
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