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I've written about this before, but about once a year or so I take out the battery operated Pudgey the Piglet. Once on, it walks across the floor, it's tail moves, it's nose moves and it makes a pig sound.

I've had it much longer than Ruby....she saw it for the first time when she was a puppy and was scared of it then. Every year or so thereafter I bring it out and she's scared and barks at it.

Just took it out a few minutes ago and Ruby went over to sniff it's butt (ha!) and then she barked and then she went bezerk and then she got jealous when I picked it up and hugged it. I then hugged Ruby and told her I love her best.

I'll try to get a picture of Pudgey with Ruby later on this weekend if I can. If not, you'll hear about it next year.

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My son used to purchase remote control cars all the time for his german shepherd, Creedence. He hated them, he'd bark at them and then destroy them. :roll:

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