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pros and cons of having 2 bassets

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I have the oppertunity to get a 2 year old basset, her owners are relocating and can't take her with, my boyfriend is against the idea and i am obviously for it. Could you please tell me more on what it is like to have 2 bassets and what the implications might be if i take her. Also could you please tell me what i should ask the owners about her eg the need to knows.
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My wife and I recently got a second basset ourselves. I would have to say it was one of the better decisions we've made! Here are some of the pros and cons that I've experienced (just to give you a balanced look):

If they're not sleeping, they're playing together
Double the amount of basset goofiness
Companionship while mommy and daddy are gone for the day
Lots of snuggling

If they're not sleeping, they're playing togther (my boys are constantly "fighting"... cute for awhile, but not when on the phone, watching TV, etc.)
Hair everywhere!
Two highly intelligent minds devising ways to steal your food
Having to fight for a spot on the couch

Obviously the cons aren't that bad and could be pros (except for the hair... our second boy, Fred, has some kind of magical ability to generate hair; it's really bordering on the supernatural!), but your mileage may vary. Definitely check to see if the second basset has any issues with other dogs. I'd also try and get the two of them together to meet to see how they get along. Overall though, if you can do it definitely get a second!
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It's the best thing we've ever done. It took some time for the real benefits to come into play but they were partners in crime right from the start. It makes ME feel a lot better when I have to leave them for work, or with sitters for the weekend. They have each other. They're more concerned about each other than where I am and what I'm doing, which helps sometimes ;)

The ONLY con ... and it's not really a con the tremendous amount of food you have to buy. Two dogs go throught the bags quickly unless you get the large size. The bags of food are too big for me to lift so the husband has to go to Petsmart now.

If you have a chance to get a dog that's already "family trained" and won't be going through the puppy stages, GRAB HIM!!! :lol:

One more thing. If the agression is a non -issue and they seem to like each other, you can work with that. Mine did not LOVE each other instantly. Yeah, they played ...but it was a while before they really became "brother and sister". Don't have unreasonable expectations of the first meet and greet. Someone told me to do the first meeting on neutral territory but it didn't work out for us that way ...they came to the house. I'd suggest a park or something like that for the first time.
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I have three bassets, and while it's true that there's more hair to deal with -- I wouldn't go back to having just one. Bassets are pack animals and truly enjoy each other's company. With two, especially, the bond is very strong between them.

I say go for it. Why is your BF so against it?
he says it is double the trouble if one dog can be destructive how will it be with 2 and the hair loss.

Will this help with the digging if i get another one?
Usually a dog that digs is a bored dog. No guarantees, but a second hound may well help. If they are playing, they won't be digging.

My two cents: If you can afford the food and the Vet bills, go for it!
I think two is easier to care for than one. And two bassets really have a bond together.

Double the mischief is a pro, not a con. :)

I would meet the other dog first so you can see what kind of dog it is. I never understand people who say they have to move and can't take their dog. No way I would ever relocate to a place that wouldn't let me take my kids with me.
When it comes to Bassets, two are always better than one. When Lightning was young he had terrible separation anxiety. I really resisted getting a second dog, but finally gave in. Getting Stomps was the best thing I ever did. Not only is he such a love, but he cured L's anxiety, to the point that sometimes I feel a little left out. It cured all Lightning's destructive behavior. Just make sure that the two get along, and if you have to walk them on a leash, that they both walk at approximately the same speed. Lightning was a traveler, but Stomps liked to stop and sniff every blade of grass. I thought I was going to need shoulder surgery, from the two of them pulling me in opposite directions all the time!
I say go for it!
I really agree with everyone else. Getting Gibbs was the best thing ever for Lily. She absolutely adores her brother, he tolerates her (he's an old man in a 4 year old body). ;) My two are practically inseperable. Like others have said the vet bills are doubled and so is the food cost, but double the love far out weighs the costs.

I agree that multiple bassets are definitely a great thing! The amount of love and entertainment they provide increases exponetially when you have more than one.

I have 6 and although they all want special alone time with mom they can entertain themselves when I am busy without destroying things!

If $$ or space isn't an issue than it will should be a great thing for you.
Two (or more) bassets are great. My only concern is: my boyfriend is against the idea :( .

Two sure made it easier for me. I hated to leave Dozer alone when I went to work, or went out at night. Now with two, they spend about 2 minutes with me when I get home, then they're off doing their own thing.
I can't say anything about digging. I have a few holes along the house, but no fence digging. When you name one Digger, you're bound to have some holes. :D You would think Dozer would push them shut, but that doesn't happen. :lol:
I have the oppertunity to get a 2 year old basset, her owners are relocating and can't take her with, my boyfriend is against the idea and i am obviously for it. Could you please tell me more on what it is like to have 2 bassets and what the implications might be if i take her. Also could you please tell me what i should ask the owners about her eg the need to knows.[/b]
We had one basset for about 6 months 30 years ago. Since then, except for short periods when we'd lost our older dog, and couldn't find a suitable second basset, we've always had two.

Benefits of two
They really bond to each other, and are happy when you are gone
The Basset 500
They teach each other evil things, but watching them do it is very entertaining.
They also learn good things from each other (ok, not very often).
Two warm bassets on cold nights
Watching them play is more entertaining than most TV programs.

Bad things
They teach each other evil things
Slightly more dog hair, but frankly, it's hard to tell the difference.
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Hi all, when we adopted Wellie - we took Lexie along to see if they mesh well.

Our animal behaviourist said that the basset you are adopting should not be aggressive towards you or your basset and should look you in the face - if only for a few seconds - when you call her.

If they get along and are playful and you can afford her. Do it!!

Lexie and Wellington were best friends and now that he's gone she's sulky and howls and cries when we leave the house.

If you already have a female dog - just check with your vet - its not a good idea according to our vet to get 2 females.

Well we've got Softie now and we're praying that he grows up soon so that Lex will have a new friend to play/fight/cuddle/run/have joy with.

All the best!!!

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Two (or more) are great! Lula was very peeved and depressed when we first got Isabel as she was used to being number one. But within a month they were best buds. We'd like to have atleast 4 when we have the space. The only cons I can think of are cost and mess - 2x more drool and hair. :rolleyes:
Getting our second basset was the best thing we did, if we had room I would love more. There is more hair, more drool, more muddy paws but it's all worth it. They have so much fun together and it's so funny watching the two of them play. They entertain each other so I can get some work done. If you have room and can afford it I would go for it.
sure its double the trouble but its double the fun too! The only trouble my two really get into though is barking. But they are only 8 months old and we have a lifetime to work this out of them. ;)

They keep each other company
They wear each other out
They basically babysit each other!

Cons are the extra expense but in my mind its worth it!
I would say the pros of having 2 instead of 1 are too many to list. The only con I've had so far is that they take up twice as much room on the bed and there's not much room left for me!
2 bassets are one more than 1. that's the biggest advantage. see, when you have two bassets, you have two whereas having just 1 means having only one. it's kind of like money. two dollars is better than one dollar because it's twice as many dollars.
I really love watching how mine bond together! When we go somewhere and come back and one of them has gotten into something, all I have to do is ask "Who did it?" and the ones that didn't come running and want their treat. The one that did do it drops his/her head and walks away. It is so cute. They tell on themselves!
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