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Problem Barking

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Dealing with Problem Barking, adapted from Dogs for Dummies, 2nd ed.
Excessive barking is one problem that often puts dogs on the road to the shelter. What's more, it also puts them at risk from the people in your neighborhood: The poisoning of a nuisance barker is all too common. Even if your neighbors aren't the kind to take things into their own hands, a barking dog can run you afoul of the law, and not dealing with the situation marks you as an irresponsible and inconsiderate dog owner.

Dogs bark to express a variety of emotions: anxiety, boredom, territoriality, aggression, playfulness, and hunger, to name a few.[/b]
Article goes on to suggest methods for reducing excessive barking.

Bark! Bark! Bark!, Denver Dumb Friends League, suggests methods for teaching your dog a "Quiet!" command.

Barking by Dr. Nicholas Dodman--describes the causes of problem barking: to get attention; separation anxiety; territorial; and reactive barking, with suggestions for handling each type.

Dr. P's Dog Training Library, Barking--an list of additional links to articles on problem barking. Many are dead, but a few are still active and are helpful.
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hi im new at this.. but my basset minnie she barks at me everytime i give her a comand... it a very high piched bark and quite disturbing... because I have no idea whts wrong...
Mine is the same. Even if I say NO. He barks back and it goes on like an argument. Very fustrating xx

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ideas on how to stop it ???? gets on my nerves im trying the positive ways but it gets to the point of yelling cause its too much...wht have you tried??
I howl. It freaks him out and he stops.

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I give the sit command and when he sits he stops barking, once he is quiet and calm i give affection. hopefully it will convey the message i want a quiet peaceful enviroment :). but he does argue a bit
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