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Probably my fault now need help correcting!

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When Molly was a 8 wks puppy she was sweet and loving. Then the teething started and her playing got rougher and I guess I went a long with it (bad choice!) Now she is 4 months old and plays really rough biting starting to hurt a little bit so I know her teeth have definitely come in. What can I do to make her calm down and not be so aggresively mean? I'm not blaming her one bit, I'm blaming myself because I let it get this far but now it needs to stop. How can I correct this problem?
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Play Biting in Puppies (San Francisco SPCA)
How to Teach Bite Inhibition (Modification of Ian Dunbar's method)
Chewing and Biting (Dr. P's Training Library: Puppies)
Great response Betsy!! The articles that Betsy found for you should help you.

Your problem isn't unusual. That's one reason I personally don't like getting a puppy that young nor do I like to sell them that young. Puppies need to be together longer than 8 weeks. I prefer to get them at 16 weeks. They learn their "social skills" from their littermates and mother. If they are separated before 16 weeks (the SPCA article says 18 weeks), the new owner must substitute for the other littermates and mother.
Emma did her fair share of nibling and biting too,
she used to run around the fireplace and jump up
to grab my sleeve, and she wasn't always that lucky,
so my left arm looked like a raw tenderloin those
days. And all my shirts were torn in the left sleeve,
which was towards the living room.

But she stopped after she got her adult teeth, and
has never bit any after that, she can grab a peanut
from my mouth without hitting me at all.

You need to let her know she's hurting you, and I'm
sure she'll stop after a while.

<span style="color:#009900">The one that drools rules, :p
Steinar - daddy and foodslave to Emma and Doris!</span>
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Don't be too hard on yourself, if I had a dime for every mistake I made I'd be pretty well off. Happy did that biting at a year old and it wasn't to hard to stop. It does help if the whole family agrees on the rules.
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