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Since I have been absent for so long, and lots has happened in my pack, I thought I`d present my new family members.
Funky is first.

I heard about her last summer. She needed a new home. As I tought the name was kinda familiar, I called. The woman had only had Funky for a few months, but things were not going well. The woman`s hubby thought Funky was very difficult, and wanted her gone. As I had just lost Clara, I said I would give Funky a new Foreverhome!
Longer story short, the family changed their mind, and I heard nothing untill 25th of February. She called, said the hubby was gonna have the dog euthenized if she didn`t get her out right now. His idea of a "Perfect dog" was a dog that sits quietly in their corner untill called. One that you take for walks etc, then lives in their corner unvisible and silent.
Needless to say, I said YES; I`ll take Funky!
I threw myself in the car, drove 6 hours in a icy blizzard, over the mountain pass, picked up Funky, then turned around, drove back across the mountain.I am so glad I did! I was shocked when I saw Funky! The pics will show you why!

I have later found out that Funky Skytrouble was originally bred at Clara`s old breeder. She didn`t eaven know Funky had been rehomed. And she has in her sales contract that she is to be informed, and has first right to get the dog back, regardless. She is so happy Funky ended up with me.
And so am I. Funky is a wonderful Basset. Fun, spunky. happy and not difficult to handle at all. Not if you`re used to Bassets, LOL

Pics of Funky the day she came home. Look at the state of her!

Funky Skytrouble, 6 weeks later, afrer proper diet and plenty of TLC
Quite a difference, don`t you think?

Isn`t she just lovely?
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