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Presenting Agathon

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The very same day that my beloved Billy went to The Bridge, I was told that a Basset named Agathon needed a new home. He is the litter brother of Steinar`s Emma. The family was breaking up, and unfortunatly neither could have Agathon in their new apartments. After a little thinking, I said yes.
Agathon arrived on January 15th.
He was a sweet boy, but not a very typical Basset in his ways. He loved the dogs, but didn`t want to relate much to people. He wouldn`t flip on his back for belly rubs, didn`t like to sleep or lie down next to anyone. And the poor boy was absolutly petrified of cats. And I have 2 cats. That is, Laban truly belives he is a Basset in a cat suit and behaves like a Basset .
Over the months, Mr A has changed a lot. Now, he loves cats, he loves people, he seeks contact and belly rubs. He has very slowly, but surely opened up and become a loveable Basset Hound!
Mr A right after he arrived

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I love the first pic of him. So handsome.
How lucky to get a brother of Emma! He's beautiful. Congratulations.
He's a very lucky hound.

He is such a handsome boy! You sure do have a great looking crew.
Agathon is so squishy and handsome! He's great. I'm glad he's settled in to your home. What a lucky guy!

Wonderful to see a dog go from sadness and despair to pure joy. Kudos to you for helping Agathon see how good life can be!
Good looking fellow.

Looks like he has some spunk.
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Thank you!
Well, he didn`t in the begginning. But now, he sure has spunk, allright!

He has developed and opened up very slowly. But this late summer and fall, he has come so very far with becoming a true Basset Hound!
I am so proud of my Mr A !
What a handsome fella. It sounds like he has really come around! :)
Bless your big beautiful Basset-loving heart!! So glad you were able to show Agathon how to be happy again. Best wishes to the both of you! Arrroooo!!
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