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Your new pup will have a wonderful life with you. And who knows? I have Charlie -- the pet who became a champion ;) ! When we got him, all I wanted was a new friend for the family. Within two weeks, his breeder asked if we would mind letting her show him, I became interested, Charlie's breeder has mentored me, I've now got many very dear basset people who I consider friends, and I now have my second show dog and am looking at a third coming home after Chrismas! Life takes many unexpected twists and turns, and you may find that you and your new pup will travel down the show road!

In any case, I've also lost two pups in the past few years, one at 18 months, another at 10 months. Both were very sweet and I'd have done almost anything to give them both long, full lives. But I'm only human and some things are not meant to be. I grieved, especially for the 18 month old who I fought long and hard for, but in the end, I had to move on and Edith Ann came into my life. She is gloriously healthy. She's an intricate member of the family, and we have recently started showing, which we both enjoy.

I'm looking forward to hearing your puppy stories -- and to seeing pictures!!!!
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