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Thank u for helping this poor basset in need. Horrible outcome has been prevented by u.
This was somewhat a similar situation for us 6.5yrs. ago. We rescued our Flash and didn't know at the time she was pregnant. Now we have 3 or her kids and one we rescued from Illinois.
It was a 1st time pregnancy for us too. I remember making her nesting home in our spare oversized bathroom with cardboard. Alot of old blankets, towels, taking her temp, making sure momma was well fed & watered. It took Flash about 8hrs to have 7 pups. 2 did not make it. Flash did all the work. I am sure nature will take over for Maisy also. I do remember my vet telling me to feed her some cottage cheese. Good Luck. keep us posted.:)
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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