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Pregant female, HELP!!!

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I am new here and just got into breeding basset Hounds. My female is 2 1/2 years old, and is now in week 7 of her pergnace. The problem is that we can not get her to eat!! This has been going on since, part way through week 3 of her pregnance. I have taken her to the vet and they said she was fine, and we would have to find some way to get her to eat, that's where i need help. I am at the end of my rope trying to fiqure this out. Is this a normal basset thing?? I have tried several kinds of puppy chow, and nothing, as well as dog chow, and still she refuses. If anyone has any idea on what i should try, i will take any suggests at this point! She is now coming to the end of her pregnance and she is still not very large at all. Has anyone else seen this happen with bassets? I mean when she is not pregant, i have to really watch her, because she will eat EVERYTHING in sight! :x
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How did you 'get into' breeding bassets? Are there breeders in your area you could contact?
Yes i have contacted both the breeders of my male and my female(2 different breeders) and they both said that they don't know why she would be doing this. I did all the health checks before breedin and both got a clean bill of health. I have spoken to a few different breeders, and got different responses. But none that really explain what is going on. It's got me and the vet puzzled. I have been told, it could be a picky eatting habit, but when she didn't eat for 3 days and lost 5 lbs, that had me and the vet still wondering. The next idea i was given was that the litter is a larger litter, or big pups, and if that is so, does anyone have an experience with a female doing this with a large litter or big pups? I have x-rays booked next week for her, but the vet doesn't believe by looking at her that its a size factor with the pups. Any more suggestions?
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I know some breeders who supplement their bitches regular food with raw liver, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese and canned dog food. Often earlier on in pregnancy they lose weight but she definitely shouldn't be losing at this point.

Experiement and see what she likes. Keep us posted.
I have honestly tried almost anything! Including a few foods that are not the best for her, but it is better than her not eatting. But i found one thing that has worked in the last two days(which she will probably hate in a day or two). I crush up puppy kibble and mix in rollover, she is mad for roll over! She will eat it sometimes with no problems, but if i give her a full dish, she will walk away instead of eatting, so i have to give her little samples and she seems to con't to eat til it's gone. But i have found with her, that anything i do find that she likes it's only a temporary time that she likes it for! I tried puppy canned food, mixed with other foods, and caned food alone, and she walks away! I have now 11 different brands of dog/puppy chow in my house, and none of them she really likes. But i have a food that my vet gave me, where she only has to eat 1 cup aday, and that will keep the babies and her healthy. it's science diet PD, it is a food for dogs when they have surgery, so it is very high in vitaimns and all the good things. But of course she hates it! Any of the breeders on here, have you ever seen this, or noticed that they're eatting habits change to be like this, while being pregant? My mother bred Goldens for years and she is also puzzled.
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Indulge her in whatever she wants, including people food. If she wants your dinner, and it's safe (i.e. no chicken bones) let her have it.
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