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Potty Problems ARGH

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So, Harriet is nearly 10 months old, and we thought, housebroken. The last two mornings, however, the alarm goes off, we (Harriet and whoever drew the short, cold straw that morning) get out of bed to take her out (we don't have a fenced yard, so we have to actually take her out), she has gotten out of bed when we did, and went to the dining room and peed on the rug. We are literally 3 steps behind her. She does it so fast we don't see her do it. Does anyone have advice for me to stop this?

She's had urinary tract infections in the past, so we've had a rocky road to housebreaking, but she's not exhibiting any of the signs of one of those right now.

We clean that rug with enzyme cleaner, would it be a waste of my time to run a spot bot over it?

Frustrated! :confused:
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Can you gate off that room? Is it a rug that can be removed? My basset Snickers likes to go on the carpet in the doorway of my bedroom and our office. We've used enzyme cleaner everytime. I finally bought it in the gallon jug and drench the spot after getting as much of the urine up as possible. So, we just keep the door closed and put up a gate to the hall leading to the office. So, basically we've gated off the family room and kitchen (no carpet). She's 11 months old now, and accidents are at a minimum. (as sure as I brag on her she will have a couple of accidents, happens every time) Are you putting enough enzyme cleaner on that spot? doesn't hurt to rule out the uti tho.
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