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Can anyone offer detailed directions on posting photos? I followed the directions from a previous post, but still couldn't get it thru. Thanks to Emma & Doris for getting the one pic on for me. I have sooooooo many cute pics of my men to share and I've tried 4 different services.

Thanks, everyone!

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Here's what you do:

1. Find a website to host your pictures. For example I will use this site for instructions. I have never had a problem hosting from them.

2. Click on the "Browse" rectangle button to the right of the empty box. Be sure the "file"radial button is selected to the left of the box. It defaults to this so you shouldn't have a problem. I you want to resize your picture to fit easier within the website, leave the "resize image" button checked. If you choose not to resize your picture, it needs to be under 1.5 meg in size.

3. After you clicked on the "Browse" button, the "Choose file" box will appear where you look for the file on your computer.

4. After you find the picture you want to host, double click it and it will fill in the empty box in step 2.

5. After the empty box is filled with what you want to upload, click the "host it!" button just below that and give it a few seconds to upload.

6. After your picture has upload, you have NUMEROUS options for actually hosting the picture. Your last option is going to be "Direct link to image". Highlight that line and right click/copy.

7. Now back to your post here in the forum. After you have written whatever it is you want to write in your post, go ahead and right click/paste the line you just copied from imageshack (or whatever site you choose).

8. After you paste, place a
after. For example......
. And that's pretty much it. Hit the Preview button at the bottom of the post to be sure it worked and you are done.

Some individuals don't hit the preview button and end up posting 4 or 5 messages/threads that could have been avoided. When you hit preview, you see what everyone else is going to see. If it didn't work there, it won't work when you click submit for your post. It may sound hard, but it really isn't once you start doing it. Happy posting :).
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