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Poppy found her voice!!

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Great News... Poppy has found her voice!!

I take her to work with me everyday and she normally just goes to sleep until potty time or walkies at lunch, but today..... This will just crack you all up...

We are having some work done on the building and have some scaffolding up, so the workmen are there... working!! ( ;) :huh: ) And Poppy wakes up to see these 4 legs above the window walking around.. So starts a little fuff...fuff...grrrrr..fuff ( :D ).. And then all of a sudden she goes ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! The workmen just about fell off the scaffolding she scared them so much!! But she didn't shut up....( :unsure: :eek: )... More arrrrrroooooooooooos later (which I just L-O-V-E :wub: B) ) and the boss comes in (who is a non dog lover and hates Poppy (never did like him!! :angry: ) and asks me to shut the dog up as she's disturbing him... So I say... You just don't get Bassett's do you? ( ;) ) and he says no... Well then, I say, you DON'T tell a Bassett what to do (in the meantime Poppy is still arrrooooooing to her hearts content (and I'm STILL loving it!! :D )

Just thought I share with you.... Great day in the office!!! And to top it off the workmen came in and said (get this!) I wish my German Sheppard would bark like that!!! (VICTORY!!!)

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Be careful what you wish for. When it starts happening in the middle of the night or at 5:30 a.m. might not love it. tee hee :p

Janice and Ruby
I wish my baby would howl. One time the smoke alarm went off and she howled but that is the only time. My first Basset would howl for my girl but for nobody else. I like going to the breeder and watching them as they howl.
Ahh the memories of Brunos first arroooo...LOL He still does it but now its just to annoy one neighbor we have. This lady insists on waking me up in the middle of the night banging on my door because the dog and cat are going at it barking howling and even Hercules has his own aroo in a cute kitty type way. All my animals despise this lady, Bruno has even peed on her vehicle as we went for a walk. LOL....Keep on arrrooooo-ing Poppy....Brunos says right on baby!!!!!!!!!
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