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Poor Sami

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Just got back from the emergency vet and seems she has a UTI. She has been running in and out urinating just a few drops at a time this evening. She is eating,drinking,playful... just hurts to pee :( The urine showed blood and white cells but no crystals - so this is all he thinks is going on. She is on Baytril. Please send extra drool and prayers- Mommy has her first big 2 hour presentation at work tomorrow- so stress is high already!
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I'm sure she will be fine,
prayers and drool coming over from us! :)
Drool & pryaers for Sami, and good luck to you as well for your presentation.
Poor Sami, much drool coming your way.
Arlene and Opus.
Get well soon Sami! yvonne
hope all goes well and that Sami will be squirting like crazy soon. Lots of drool coming your way. Good luck on the presentation. Happy to be a slave for Tummy Boy.
hope she's good as new in no time! :)

Healing drool from Bogie is on it's way.
Best wishes for a quick recovery for Sami- and good luck with your presentation!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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