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Poor Molly...

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Poor Molly... she was almost adopted again and it fell through. She really would lover her forever home. She is a wonderful basset gal with energy for all. Please let fellow, pet-loving New Englanders know about her.

Fourteen-month-old spayed female, crate trained and housebroken. This young girl is such a tom boy! She is very loyal, loving and outgoing. She is on the larger size for a female as she weighs almost 70 lbs. Molly is a very active adolescent hound dog. She loves everyone and everything. She is good with other dogs. She has been in foster care for a few months now. She has truly blossomed into a wonderful hound. She has done very well in our structured home and has improved with her mischievous behavior. Of course her new home should expect some set backs during her transition. Molly loves to run in the yard, chew bones and play with our other hounds. Her favorite past time is playing. Molly has been going to doggy daycare twice a week and the staff and the other dogs at the daycare facility love her! Molly is great and behaves like a lady at the groomers. In fact, she gives kisses when you trim her nails. She needs a home that has a fenced in yard. Her new owner must understand that she needs to be exercised regularly. Molly has a WONDERFUL temperament. She is great with other dogs and good with older children 10+ as she knocks the little ones down. Although she is a very active and young hound she also loves to cuddle with you. Her new home must allow her up on the couch. She is a couch potato after her busy day. If you can give this wonderful girl a home, then please contact us.
David A. Lewis
Vice President / Webmaster
New England Basset Hound Rescue, Inc.

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Sorry to hear Molly's still waiting, although sounds like she's having a ball. Adolescent bassets can be quite a handfull and probably are too much for some people to handle. This is one reason I always encourage puppy training.

Looking forward to new of Molly's forever home. :)
We just put in an application today. Molly sounds like she would be a great dog to have, and great company for Lennon. I hope the fact that we live in Pittsburgh won't be a problem. We will wait and see.
I hope the adoption works out. I looked at her information and she seems to be a wonderful girl!
Molly is a very lucky girl. After 3 tries to get her forever home, she was adopted this past weekend (4/3/04) and will be living on Martha's Vineyard (Cape Cod). What a great story.
Glad to hear that things have turned out so well for her. :)
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