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Zephyr had 4 or 5 removed at a time with no prolems as mentioned by Barbara. She was affectionately referred to as frakenbasset until her hair grew back in.

Depending on the dog and the location of the injury a small t shirt works well as a replacement for a e-collar.

I think those collars are very difficult for a short dog to wear comfortably.
FWIW the short legged ones in my house all faired better with an e collar than the long legged one. Might have something more to do with personality than conformation. Fischer phylosophy is much that of many a poor mechanic. If it doesn't work the firstime get a bigger hammer and ram/smash even harder. He broke many an e-collar that way and usually need it relaced once or twice a day.
Nothing like an e-collar plowing into the back of your legs.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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