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My Toby had about 20 out during one surgery. Not all were removed
then as my vet didn't want to keep him under anesthesia any longer. He had a bunch more removed a few months later.

Other than looking like a patchwork quilt, he really did just fine. He had to have been about 7 at the time because I showed him in Veterans.
No infections, didn't need an Elizabethian collar (none of my dogs have ever needed one}. My vet must use sutures that taste terrible. ;) He had so many that I took a sketch of a basset outline and marked where the cysts were found. I also used red nail polish to mark them so the tech could quickly shave them all before going into surgery.

Boy don't they act like they're on deaths door when they have a fever? Hope Moe doesn't need surgery but sometimes these cysts just keep coming back.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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