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Poor Moe!

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I woke up yesterday morning around 5:30 to the sight of Moe standing in front of my bedroom door (he sleeps in the lazyboy downstairs). I figured he must really need to go out but I couldn't get him to follow me downstairs. He was too quiet and very disoriented. With a lot of coaxing, cajoling, and gentle tugging I finally got him downstairs and out the door. I watched as he made his way into the yard and then just sat down in the wet grass in the dark. I knew something was very wrong. I managed to get him back in and laying down. Then I just lay with him and cried. We just lost my father-in-law a couple days ago and if I lost Moe it would really be too much. He is my best friend and has helped me through many hard times. When it was light I called the vet and made an appointment, sure that something was terribly wrong. There was but but I'm not losing him anytime soon, thank goodness! It turned out that one of his cysts had become infected, resulting in a fever which explained his listless behavior. The vet drained some of the infection, inserted a drain, gave him an injection of anitbiotics, placed a large cone around his neck, and gave us some medication and special instructions. Then they clipped his nails, adding insult to injury. He looks like a bizarre sort of tulip as he wanders about the house and yard, getting caught on pieces of furniture and drawer handles. I think those collars are very difficult for a short dog to wear comfortably. :( The drain comes out on Monday, and a decision will have to be made about possible surgery, but my Moe will be with us for many years to come, God willing.

Question for Betsy: I seem to remember you mentioning having multiple cysts removed from one of your dogs. Moe has four large ones (Walnut size) and we are wondering if we should have tham all removed or only the one that is troubling him now. How did your dog do with the removal of multiple cysts? The most we ever had taken off Moe at one time was two. Also, in our case, whenever we had one removed, several others developed. Did this happen with you? I was curious if this was a common thing to occur.

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How sad, I never would have guessed a fever would have knocked him out. A tulip, how insulting!
Poor Moe- hope he is feeling better soon.(I am chuckling at your description of 'Moe the Tulip'- poor baby!)
I hope Moe will be okay soon. it is so frightening when something throws them off so swiftly. I will be thinking of you.
One thing, I never left those wretched collars on Opus whenever he has surgery, impossible. Last time I refused to even accept one. They made Opus very stressed and as he is so low to the ground he almost choked himself everytime he looked down. And without them he just snored in his bed.
Arlene and OPus.

My Toby had about 20 out during one surgery. Not all were removed
then as my vet didn't want to keep him under anesthesia any longer. He had a bunch more removed a few months later.

Other than looking like a patchwork quilt, he really did just fine. He had to have been about 7 at the time because I showed him in Veterans.
No infections, didn't need an Elizabethian collar (none of my dogs have ever needed one}. My vet must use sutures that taste terrible. ;) He had so many that I took a sketch of a basset outline and marked where the cysts were found. I also used red nail polish to mark them so the tech could quickly shave them all before going into surgery.

Boy don't they act like they're on deaths door when they have a fever? Hope Moe doesn't need surgery but sometimes these cysts just keep coming back.
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AWWWW, poor Moe. give him lots of TLC. :)

What a scare! I am glad Moe is on the mend! yvonne
Count in our drool for Moe.

Sunny has had about 4 taken off at once, she was younger, but she handled it very well, other than scaring my sister because one was on her head and it was shaved.

Sunny still has some that the vet won't take off because it is too risky to put her under and they pose no threat to her, but one is about double the size of a golf ball. I'm glad to know this info if that ever happens to her though, thank you, and good luck with Moe.
Zephyr had 4 or 5 removed at a time with no prolems as mentioned by Barbara. She was affectionately referred to as frakenbasset until her hair grew back in.

Depending on the dog and the location of the injury a small t shirt works well as a replacement for a e-collar.

I think those collars are very difficult for a short dog to wear comfortably.
FWIW the short legged ones in my house all faired better with an e collar than the long legged one. Might have something more to do with personality than conformation. Fischer phylosophy is much that of many a poor mechanic. If it doesn't work the firstime get a bigger hammer and ram/smash even harder. He broke many an e-collar that way and usually need it relaced once or twice a day.
Nothing like an e-collar plowing into the back of your legs.
Hope Moe is feeling better soon. Don't you find if Bassets don't feel right they very quickly let you know? They definately don't suffer in silence, at least my Toby doesn't.
Poor Moe! Glad he's feeling better, and so sorry about your father-in-law.
Poor love- Sending hugs-
Thanks for all your suggestions and support.

Mike, Moe's wound is right smack in the middle of his left side. He can reach it easily with his mouth, which makes it difficult to prevent licking and/or chewing. The vet put in what she called a drain, which looks like a bit of thin shoelace threaded through the cyst and tied in a knot. Infected goo is continuously oozing out and he desperately wants to lick at it. I apply hot compresses to it three times a day which appears to aid in draining and helps keep it clean. It also seemingly eases his discomfort. I don't know if I can use a T-shirt at this point, partly because of the oozing mess and partly because I don't think it would stop him from chewing and pulling on the drain-thingy. Perhaps after it's removed on Monday I could use a T-shirt? Either way I'm calling the vet tomorrow morning to run the idea past her. Poor Moe is looking very depressed and won't eat his dinner tonight. :(

I'm trying not to read too much into his poor dejected look - it is, after all, how he looks ALL the time...


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Sorry to join the discussion late, and sorry to hear about Moe. :)
Moe stopped eating and drinking late yesterday afternoon. Last night he vomited a couple hours after I gave him his medicine. This morning he still wouldn't eat or drink. I'm sure he could miss a few meals but it's not drinking that has me worried. I spoke with the vet's office a few minutes ago and they want to change his medication. Hopefully that will help him feel better. We are having the funeral today and poor sick, neglected Moe will have to be alone just a little while longer.

This morning we also removed his collar for a few minutes to see if that would pertk him up some, which it did. As soon as he realized it was off he went franticly at his wound. The collar is back on now and he's dozing.

Betsy, did you mix peroxide in with the soap and water? How specificly did you care for the wounds? I want to do it right and not hurt him...

(Thank you, Biscuit)
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Terry, so sorry to hear of your father-in-law. I hope he went peacefully.
Franny got an infected cyst last year. It was wick'd and he got Clavamox, and some antibiotic creme and I washed it with Nolvasan mixed with water. He got punky on the Clavamox but perked up within a few days. He had no appetite but he did drink.
For the first few days I cut the e-collar so that only the side that the cyst was on was unreachable. I had to adjust it frequently but it was still better than an entire e-collar. Hope it helps.
Soap and water for the skin surface, and then peroxide for inside the cyst. I also continue to express whatever's in the cyst every time I clean. Unfortunately, it's painful for them during the first couple of days before the inflammation clears, and it sometimes requires a muzzle and two people. I also apply warm soaks several times a day.
I did that, too. I soaked a facecloth with the water/Nolvadex solution and pressed it on the cyst for a few minutes 3 times a day, then I expressed the contents of the cyst.
What a rough time 4 you now. Sorry to hear what all Moe is going thru. I keep waiting (in fear) 4 the time comes if Tummy gets these. Lots of drool coming your way 4 Moe and U. Sorry for your loss. Happy to be a slave for Tummy Boy. :(
Oh gosh...sorry to hear the news about Moe and your father in law! I hope you keep hang in there. I hope Moe will feel better soon.

Winston has several bumps on his skin. Are they cyst? They are there for at least 1 year. They didn't seem to change in shape/color. But I better pay attention to them.
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