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The vet said no more collars and we are to walk him with a harness from now on so there will be no pressure on the neck area. Anyone know of a good harness to use with Bassets??[/b]
sporn no pull harness and simillar devices are not a good choice because it has an around the neck collar.

Head halters like gentle leader and halti also cause train on the neck

Sensible Harness would be a good choice for a dog that does not pull or more importantly backout of collars. This device is not as secure as a traditional harness but it is easier to put on and off and does not create a tendency to pull like a traditional harness. For dogs that slip out of the sensible harness there is a fix but it requires a flat buckle collar so it defeats the purpose of the harness

traditional harnesses work well for bassets provided the straps are completely adjustable, Otherwise it is almost impossible to find one that fits well. the take quite a while to intially fit.

All these are relatively inexpensive. However if you are looking for a harness in which you can assist the dog say climbing stairs ect amuch more expensive style is needed.

there are good review of the Double Back Harness by ruff wear though it is actual a moutaineering harness

The Help em up harness with hip lift

Webmaster Harnes

Guardian Gear Lift & Lead 4-In-1 Dog Harness

Get-a-Grip! Harness

I do not recomend full time wearing of a harness They have so much surface area they are just bound to cause chaffing and skin irration if worn for prolonged periods.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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