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Pooooor Ben

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:( My poor Ben is looking like Frankenstein`s Monster at the moment.Ans he feels VERY sorry for himself! :(

He has just had 6 tumors ( NOT dangerous) removed.

But as you can see , Ludvig ( and the other 2 for that matter) give their Packmember a LOT of love and attention.

Tina and The Gang
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Oh imagine poor baby! Thank doG they weren't cancerous.Ben Tummy sends big drool and says U should rest. :( Happy to be a slave for Tummy Boy.
I'm glad they weren't dangerous.
Ben isn't looking like a Frankenstein at all. He is one gorgeous boy to me. ;)
OH, I could just cry looking at that sad face; glad everything is OK and he's getting LOTS of TLC from his buddies!

Lots of drool from Daisy Jayne, too!
AAWWWWWWW look at that face!! :(
Im glad to hear that they weren't dangerous!! Healing drool being slung to Norway for the handsome boy!
What a Face! I am glad everything is OK. yvonne
Oh what a precious face! Poor Baby! Give him extra hugs and kisses!
Boy, Tina, you've been busy. I'm very glad Ben's recovering nicely.

Janet 'n Twinkie
glad all things ok and lots of get well soon aroooos from Ryobi, Atticus, and Maddie!!!!
Awww....poor Ben. But it looks like he's playing it for everything he can get. He certainly deserves lots of loving and treats.

We're slinging drool from the other side of the world to get him all healed very quickly.
Bogie is sending lots of healing drool. Sure hope Ben is feeling great soon and heals quickly.
Healing drool from Copper, Dolly and Patty.

I think he is still very handsome.
Poor Ben :( Sending much love and drool that he's up and running on all 4 paws soon!
poor guy. looks like he's hanging on for dear life just to stay on that sofa too. Don't think it's big enough for both bassets. :)

The prettiest Frankstein's monster I've ever seen!
We're sending drool for a rapid recovery!

Huff og huff, Tina! Ser ut som slakteren har gått amok på Ben, neste gang bør du heller gå til dyrlegen...
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Hugs and healing drool from way across the ocean for a speedy recovery. Poor, Poor Ben. We hope you'll feel better soon.

Susan and Wilson
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