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Please, Please, Please Vote for Chuck (very cute pics)

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Voting opened at noon today for the AzFoothills Magazine's Top Dog 2011. Please vote for Chuck and/or Chumlee, it only takes a second and we could win some great prizes! Voting goes through Sept 15th.


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I voted Chuckie, for you and your pal Chumlee :lol:

good luck-- you are so cute! i like your black & tan mustard stains... (that's what we'd call it on a weenie dog...)
Chuck, you are a cutie! You got a vote from Kenna! :)
Thank you! I'm up to the 2nd page from the 5th with all of the votes I'm getting. I'm such a lucky guy...

Done...and done. Both are good looking pups! Good luck :)
i voted! where are you guys always finding contests and stuff to enter your dogs? i feel like i should be trying to find something for bowser to win ; )
Fergus voted for you! Good luck! You must tell us if you win. :)
Voted for both!!! Good luck! Can we vote more than once??

Found out for myself...yes you can vote more than once.
We can vote more than once?? great! 'cause Chuckie, you're not on the 2nd page anymore when i last checked... :( gotta getcha there again...
ya gotta get that other basset, at the very least... hee hee....
Voted for both! I accidently voted for chuck 4 times... OOPS!
Chumlee got two votes, just incase 1 wasn't enough and they didn't count it at the polls
Thank you for the votes!
I just voted for Chuck; good lucky, buddy!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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