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Dear Bassetdude, Sometimes you must be patient to get the right breeder and the right puppy. if you go with a good breeder through the BHCA ,yes, their puppies may be more expensive but get on a waiting list and save the money. I have been in bassets since 1987 and can tell you from experience there is no cheap puppy. You pay for a good one whose parents have been bred the right way or you will pay some very expensive Vet bills by purchasing a puppy from somewhere else. Personally,I would not even purchase a pet if the breeder does not belong to the BHCA. Do YOUR homework on this. The people from the first place say all the right things but their dogs do not have the correct comformation which I can tell by the photos.The names of their breeding dogs have no known kennel names. Example: I do not have a kennel but any puppy I breed will go with the prefix,"Brownstone". "Brownstone's Heart's Desire". So where the puppy came from is easily recognized by the registered name. Anyway, the point I'm getting at is don't be in such a hurry ,save up the money to buy a puppy you won't regret buying. You will get what you pay for either way you go.
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